Improving Your Drum Presentation with Triggered Drum Lights

Nathan of Members Only with Galaxy Comet Triggered Drum Light System

About Nathan

From middle school through high school, Nathan served as section leader and 1st chair. He lived in Nashville working for Pearl Drums and studying music, and then received a degree from Belmont. All this time he involved himself with many garage bands, church bands, orchestras, and show choirs.

Nathan is now based in Atlanta, GA. He’s a session and touring drummer, currently playing for the nation’s premier 80’s party band Members Only(, the 90’s tribute Can’t Hardly Wait Band, and High Class Party Band. Nathan drums for Living Oaks Studios( and Northstar Church.

Since joining Members Only, Nathan and the band’s owner, Adam Johnson, talked about how to improve their show’s production value. “How can we make our show look apart?” They wanted something that would catch the audience’s attention while better identifying themselves as a band, therefore soon discovering Galaxy Drum Lights.

His Drum Light Purchase

Nathan purchased a Galaxy Comet Triggered Drum Light System, picking the 2 meter option for Drum Diameter, Standard Trigger, and Power Supply.

Drum Light Assembly

Over the past year Galaxy Drum Lights has really helped our production value. I remember after our first show with the lights the sound guy said, “Everyone knows the name of the band now.” The drum lights do everything I need them to do. I love that I can control the functions, and I use just about all of them throughout our show. If we’re doing some mellow tunes, the drum light stays one color. When we change to a four on the floor song, I switch to the jump function where the drum light changes color every time I hit the kick. I’m not just the drummer; I’m also the lighting guy now! But here’s the best part I love about working with Galaxy. Jake and his team are always available to talk to. They love hearing feedback from their customers and artists. They cant get better as a company without our input. They made an adapter for one of my kits because the original design wouldn’t fit through the vent hole at the top of my kick. Once I assembled the unit I realized the cable could be longer, or at least offer a longer option. Jake welcomed that idea. These guys have a passion to serve drummers all over the world, and are working on some really cool features no other drum light company is doing. I’m grateful for the partnership I have with them.

Other gear used: The Carmichael Throne(, Saluda Cymbals(, Pearl Drums(, Vater Sticks(, Evans Drumheads(


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