Galaxy Cosmos - 5 Pack


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The first professional drum light system offering Digital Lighting, Interactive LED Triggering, Unlimited Color, and custom light show synchronization. Operate your drum lights via mobile device. Simply assemble your drum light system, download the app(available for IOS & Google Play), program and play!

  • Triggered, always-on and digital pattern settings
  • Drum light triggered by tapping your drum
  • Unlimited RGB control with precise color code options
  • Trigger sensitivity and duration adjustments
  • Save, synchronize, and time your drum light show
  • Link up to 30 drum lights per performance network
  • Easy and secure assembly with tour grade wiring and connections
Weight80 oz
Dimensions12 × 12 × 5 in


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Triggered LEDs

digital patterns

Digital LEDs

All our drum light systems are now built with digital LED hardware. This provides single LED functionality that displays solid and patterned lights. Our digital patterns display as well when programmed in Trigger Mode.

Cosmos commander app

Choose from an array of display options. Including always-on and trigger modes, digital patterns, pattern speed, trigger threshold (sensitivity), trigger duration (how long you want your drum lights to display once triggered), Fade options and trigger-to-fade patterns.

Unlimited Color

The only drum light system offering precise color control. Choose from our presets or dial in on the exact color you’re looking to ooze off your drum set.

Custom LED Length

Our custom Galaxy digital LED strips can be cut at the solder points (Between each LED on strip).

Dual LED Upgrade

Double up your drum light presentation by adding dual LED loops! Select “included” in the dual LED loop option when ordering your drum light system.

Trigger Options

Standard Triggers are located inside the LED module. The piezo senses you tapping your drum from the vibration of your drum shell. Tapping will cause the LEDs to flash(trigger) on Trigger Mode. Extended triggers are designed for a more precise point of where you want the LEDs to be activated.

No effect to the sound of your drums.

Our drum light systems do not alter the sound of your drums, nor damage or leave residue from applying and removing the LED strips from your drumset.