Synchronize your drum lights

Order our Galaxy Cosmos drum light system for complete LED synchronization. We offer button remote systems as well for individual control.

Unlimited colors & digital patterns

Represent your school colors! Our drum light systems offer more color and pattern options than any other drum lighting available today! Button Remote or Mobile Device. Triggered and Static(Always-On) Modes.

rechargeable battery packs

Stay mobile with our rechargeable battery packs. Estimated 4-6 hours of play time. (Depends on what you display. Constant all white requires the most amps compared to using your drum lights on trigger mode.)

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MARCHING SETUPS PRICE GUIDE (Minimum order of 10 drum light systems) *drums not included*

All marching drum light setups include Extended Triggers & Rechargeable Battery Packs.

GALAXY COMET V.2 (Button Remote)

Snare – $145ea

Bass – $150ea

Tenors(4 drum)  – $440ea

Tenors(5 drum) – $520ea

GALAXY COSMOS (Wireless Network Control via Mobile App)

Snare – $175ea

Bass – $180ea

Tenors(4 drum)  – $540ea

Tenors(5 drum) – $670ea


Galaxy Cosmos WiFi Router – $150 (Marching Percussion Package w/ Extended Range WiFi Modem and rechargeable battery pack. Includes pre-programming the LED Modules to your WiFi Router.)

Schools and other educational programs are eligible for a discount!

Need help? Visit our Drum Light System Product Guide

Included Options

Battery Pack

Go completely mobile with our Battery Pack option. Lightweight and operates your drum lights for up to 6 hours of performance. 

drum lights

Extended Triggers

Galaxy Drum Light extended triggers are designed for a more precise point of where you want the trigger to be activated. If you use a standard trigger, the LED Module (small black box that plugs into power supply and LED strip) is stuck to the shell of the drum. So any tap or hit on the body of the drum will activate the sensor to flash the lights on trigger mode. The extended trigger option allows you to place the sensor directly on the batter head (using the extended trigger pad attached to the LED Module). This allows for the light to flash only when hitting the drum head. *Loosely tuned heads may require an Extended Trigger due to the decrease in vibration transferred to the shell of the drum.