Q: I want my drum lights mounted inside of or to the exterior of my drumshell.

A: Watch our product tutorial videos. You can find them in our Tutorial Videos Page, product info pages Galaxy Comet V.2 Product Guide | Galaxy Cosmos Product Guide or visit us on youtube.

Q: Are Galaxy Drum Light Systems triggered?

A: We are the inventors of triggered drum lights. All Galaxy Drum Light Systems offer Triggered and Always-on modes.

Q: I can't decide between standard or extended triggers.

A: Located inside the LED Module is the brain that senses you tapping your drum from the vibration of your drum shell. Standard triggers are built into the bottom of the LED module itself. Extended triggers offer an external piezo designed for precise points of LED triggering.

Q: Which drumheads look best for my drum lights?

A: Acrylic or white drumsets/heads, custom wrapped kits. There is an incredible variety of cool ideas put together by artists using our drum lights.

Q: How are Galaxy Drum Lights powered?

A: We provide the option for Power Supply or Rechargeable Battery Packs. Choose either when ordering single pack drum light systems, request upon Custom Order, or purchase separately in our Accessories.

Q: I need it shipped international.

A: We certainly do. All orders are shipped via USPS.

Q: I want my drum lights placed inside/outside my drum shell.

A: Mount your Galaxy LED strips to your drums using the provided adhesive backing. We offer retention kits too for non-stick application.

Q: Will my Galaxy Drum Light System affect the sound of my drums?

A: Simply no. After years of use from artists and the tests we conduct ourselves, we are proud to say we’ve had nobody experience any effect on an instrument using our lighting systems.

Q: I may want to remove my drum lights off my drums.

A: Absolutely. However we do advise you to order separate light strips for your different drum kits. Multiple application and removal of the LED strips will weaken the adhesive indefinitely. This action of applying/removing the Galaxy LED Strip voids the hardware of our warranty.

Q: I need to extend the power cabling for my LED modules.

A: We have 1 meter extensions. Order yours here

Q: I want to return my drum light system.

A: We offer a 60 day no questions asked return or replacement policy. Beyond 60 days, Galaxy Drum Light Systems found faulty under normal use will be repaired for free. If you wish to file a return claim, please email us at galaxydrumlights@gmail.com providing your order #.