Empowerment with Clint Pulver

Professional keynote speaker Clint Pulver drumming a galactic performance.

“My passion as a drummer began when I was very young. I was the kid in school that always had a hard time sitting still, constantly tapping my feet or tapping my desk. I was teased, bullied, and even sent to the principal’s office for my inability to sit still. One day, an educator named Mr. Jensen asked me to stay after class so we could “talk”, and surprised me with my very first pair of drumsticks. As he gave them to me, he simply said, “I don’t think you’re a problem–I just think you’re a drummer!”

That was the moment that started a life long journey for me, and my future career as a working drummer. I have played the drums for over 23 years, having played for various professional musicians in arenas, stadiums, and in places like the Kodak Theater in Hollywood as well as on America’s Got Talent. In 2010, I founded the UVU Drumline known as the Green Man Group, which I directed for 6 years. I then continued on to direct the Professional Drumline for the NBA’s Utah Jazz for another 5 years.

 I now spend my time traveling the world as a professional keynote speaker, preforming and playing drums for hundreds of audiences every year. For me, great showmanship is crucial for a riveting performance, and an incredibly useful tool in helping me to stand out and increase the entertainment value that I strive to bring to my events.” – Clint Pulver

Clint Pulver speaking at the Everything Food Conference.

I’ve gotten the privilege to know Clint while we brainstormed his visionary kit. A custom DW acrylic was needing a little pizazz and we were already talking color options and how the LEDs would fill the wrapped acrylic shell with vibrance. He ran a Custom Order for a 6 pack Galaxy Comet drum light system. Clint added dual LED loops to his request, and before we know it his drum lights were on their way.

Clint’s Galaxy Comet system with dual LED loop upgrade.

 “Galaxy Drum Lights offers a product that no other drum light company creates. The lighting combinations, material, craftsmanship, and customer service is simply unmatched and allows me to create an unforgettable experience during every performance. It’s always so fun to meet with audience members after my events and hear them talk about my drum lights and the trigger features, often praising my drum-set as it’s own show.

 As a performer, it’s my job to provide the highest level of entertainment value I can, and Galaxy Drum Lights has been the perfect product to allow me to do just that.”

Products: Galaxy Comet

Clint Pulver’s Info: (Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/clintpulverspeaks (Instagram) https://www.instagram.com/clintpulver/?hl=en (Website) https://clintpulver.com/

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