What System do i choose?

It depends on controllability and budget. Our Galaxy Comet V.2 systems are great for simplicity sake. Use the provided Button Remote to adjust your settings on the go. The trade off is only one drum light can be programmed at a time. The Galaxy Comet V.2 pairs well with your single bass heads, a djembe, or busking with a snare. The system is great for lighting up complete kits on a budget as well!

The Galaxy Cosmos system offers wireless drum light synchronization. This means you can pre-program your light show beforehand with timed transitions. Adjust the color presentation per drum, a group selected, or all at once! Our Cosmos Commander app provides advanced fader options and truly precise RGB color settings. 

Drum Light Systems

Galaxy Comet V.2

Galaxy Cosmos

Galaxy Comet V.2

Galaxy Cosmos


LED Module Trigger Variations

Located inside the LED Module is a piezo that senses you tapping your drum from the vibration of your drum shell. Your tapping will cause the LEDs to flash(trigger) on trigger mode. If you don’t want your lights to flash you can set your lights for always-on mode as well. Standard triggers are stuck to the side of your drum close to the batter head with the included adhesive backing.

Extended triggers are designed for a more precise point of where you want the trigger to be activated. Place the sensor directly on the batter head (using the extended trigger pad attached to the LED Module). This allows for the light to flash only when hitting the drum head. *Loosely tuned heads may require an Extended Trigger due to the decrease in vibration transferred to the shell of the drum.


Dual LED Upgrade

Double up your drum light presentation by adding Dual LED Loops! Select “included” in the Dual LED Loop option when ordering your drum light system.

Battery Pack

Go completely mobile with our Battery Pack option. Lightweight and operates your drum lights for 6-8 hours of performance. When ordering single pack systems, choose “Rechargeable Battery Pack” in “Power Choice”. Add Rechargeable Battery Packs to your cart for larger drum kits.

Power Supply

All Galaxy Drum Light systems come standard with a Power Supply. Order a replacement or upgrade for a larger amp demand here.

No effect to the sound of your drums.

Our drum light systems do not alter the sound of your drums, nor damage or leave residue from applying and removing the LED strips from your drumset.


Triggered LED option mixed with Fade

Galaxy Cosmos Digital Patterns Display

Triggered Drum Lights by Members Only

Install Galaxy Drum Lights (Outside Drum Shell)

Install Galaxy Drum Lights (Inside Drum Shell)

Standard & Extended Trigger Install

Power Options & Assembly

Dual LED Loops Assembly