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A Galactic History

Galaxy Drum Lights, like many successful businesses, sprang from the need to better augment a drummer’s performance and enhance the bands over all live performance by adding LED lighting systems to the drum kit.

It all started with Jeremy, one of the founders of Galaxy Drum Lights, was in a band called Elfin out of Northern Florida.  The drummer for Elifn, Bim, had a custom bass drum head that the band wanted to make more visible to the audience. The band started by buying a simple LED setup on-line.  It has a simple one button remote and the LED strips were clued to the shell of Bim’s bass drum.  It looked really cool and the band got a lot of attention at their live performances.  The buzz about Bim’s bass drum lights helped the bands popularity in the music scene pushing the band into the spotlight.

A lot of friends and other drummers from the area were interested in doing the same for their kits.  Jeremy began assembling the hardware for the systems and realized he needed a software guy to help out with the systems.  Jeremy met Ed, the other cofounder of Galaxy Drum Lights, on a drummer’s forum.  Ed is a programmer and was interested in the drum light system because he is a drummer and performed in the large clubs in the SF bay area.  The two guys met and worked on the first triggered LED light system in the world.  MidiKnights was born in 2007 and created the way for LED light systems for electronic drummers.  Next these guys decided to create systems for acoustic drummers to use.  Galaxy Drum Lights and all of the associated products were created just for these drummers.  Galaxy Comet and Galaxy Cosmos provide everything an acoustic drummer will need to create a unique performance and a fantastic show for the band. 

There are a lot of new products Jeremy and Ed are working on which will be released soon.  They are always thinking of new ways to help different types of bands improve their show.  No telling what they will come up with next!

MidiKnights Pro

Our first drum light system was the MidiKnights Pro. Multiple colors were available to program into a preset display. It routed the midi signal coming from an electric drum head as the function for the first triggered LEDs. Tap your drum pad and the LEDs mounted on the shell would flash. It felt like an interactive game and we sold quite a few! 

Galaxy Blast

The Galaxy Blast was a compacted, triggered LED drum light system. You’d manually adjust your color with RGB slider buttons, and an extended trigger was attached to the Blast’s LED Module(main black box with dials). Paired with a rechargeable battery pack, this system became popular for marching bands to include the U.S. Naval Academy Drum & Bugle Corps.

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Galaxy Comet

Our Galaxy Comet is the foundation of our current drum light systems and the leading trigger module design across the industry. We placed the piezo trigger pad inside the LED module box itself (We still offer extended trigger options), and programmed the board to operate via Button Remote. Our new Galaxy Comet V.2 drum light system is an updated design with sleeker hardware and wiring, digital LEDs, and pattern displays exclusively available to our drum light systems.

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Galaxy Cosmos

Our latest drum light system! The Galaxy Cosmos is a product collecting four years of trial & error, plus 10 years of customer feedback. We’ve compacted an incredible amount of drum light features into a wireless system, operated by a mobile device/tablet of the user’s choosing. The Galaxy Cosmos offers drum light synchronization with a constructible timeline, over 50 digital patterns, and unlimited color control. We are still building upon the software of this model with more features coming soon!

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I had a remote that was stored incorrectly by my Drum Tech and stopped working. I contacted Jacob and Team at Galaxy Drum Lights to purchase another one and without any issue they replaced it at no charge. This is way better service then I expected and now that I am Kickin it Live, I can’t give enough praise for Jacob and and the Team at Galaxy Drum Lights. Best Drum Light Product and Service in the business, period!

Talk about turning heads!!!! These lights are dope and everyone that sees them is like, “where did you get those”. And I proudly say – Galaxy drum lights- check em out. I’ve had other Brands of drum lights in the past and these are just next level on every level! Colors, scenes, options, it’s endless. Super easy setup and breakdown as well, which is a huge plus. And not only that. Jacob and the support he has given me personally made setup and use a breeze! If you have any hesitation, reach out and support will answer all your questions! 5 STARS +++

A fantastic company with a genius product that can enhance any musical moment you can think of.
Having used the Comet module for a number of years to light up a wide variety of musical situations, it has dramatically enhanced both my performance and stage presence and allowed me to stand out from other similar acts with the flick of a switch.
I’ve now recently upgraded to the new Cosmos system and although I’ve only been testing it for a few days, it has completely inspired me and I now have big plans for the future which would not have been possible without this incredible piece of kit.
Jake and the team have been great to work with. They love listening to feedback from their customers and always look to improve upon what they offer. Their profile for the power chords are much more subtle than what other companies offer. The trigger does the job well, and the controller is very easy to use. The lights have been a major upgrade to the bands show.

Featured Artists

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Colombia born Percussionist for Grupo Niche. Diego’s Facebook Page


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Percussionist group for the Vegas Golden Knights, and notorious for worldwide performances with the NBA, Ceelo Green, and more! www.thedrumbots.com

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Street Percussionist, Composer & Arranger, and Music Video Creator. View Youtube Channel

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Percussionist for Lalinea and other local Miami Performances

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Adam DeSousa

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Galaxy Drum Lights lives to identify and innovate quality drum light products while never losing sight of the ultimate goal: To Be of Service for Our Customer Family.