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Clint's drum lights are programmed on trigger mode mixed with fade. This produces a dimmed kit splashing with LEDs as he rolls across the set.

– From Article “Empowerment with Clint Pulver”


Your color in mind. Set it precisely or choose one of the included presets.

For Galaxy Cosmos Products*


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put led trigger lights on drums

The Most Options

Our drum light systems offer more color and pattern options than any other drum lighting available today! Button Remote or Mobile Device. Triggered and Static(Always-On) Modes. Unlimited colors. Custom user presets and patterns. Power supply and battery options.

Easy Assembly

Have your drums lit up in minutes with our easy Plug-and-Play setup. No drum or equipment modification required.


Simply order more drum lights to add to your existing system paired with an appropriate power source upgrade.

Features apply for all Galaxy Drum Light Systems*

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